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Today we will read about Laravel installation in this tutorial. How to install Laravel in your computer.
First of all, we installed Composer in our computer. You can download composer download from here ( After downloading, you can install step by step.
When the composer is installed. Then you open the cmd command. And check that our composer is not installed. The command to check (C:\Users\shiv>composer -v).

the following command there to install Laravel.
composer create-project laravel/laravel test

After the composer is installed, then we will open cmd. And set the path of the local server. inside xampp inside htdocs.
(C: \ xampp \ htdocs) and the Laravel command composer create-project laravel / laravel test (test mean is the name of the project)

C:\xampp\htdocs>composer create-project laravel/laravel test
start project command
php artisan serve

You see Laravel is installed. And to start it, open the cmd command and go to the path of the project you created. And run this command (php artisan serve)

C:\xampp\htdocs\test>php artisan serve

Copy this URL ( and hit it in the browser.

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